Are you a high school student
near San Leandro?
Learn to code this summer!



We aim to help students in San Leandro high schools starting with San Leandro High School and KIPP King, but any high school students are welcome to apply.
No experience required, just a curiosity to learn CS!



Starting 6/15
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM



101 Estudillo Avenue,
San Leandro, CA

Course Description

This is a summer course designed to give high school students an opportunity to learn about computer science in San Leandro. The course will follow several modules involving graphics programming with Processing, data parsing and visualizations, a web interlude, and modeling the real world. By the end, students will have a taste of what programming is like, so they can make their own informed choices about pursuing computer science in the future.


Nancy Cao

Philip Zhang

Vanessa Adams

Herrick Fang

Ishmael Rico

James Hsu

Taisei Tateno

Collectively, we have learned computer science from some of the world's top universities including:

We also have working experience from:

Some of us are still in college. Others are working in the industry as hardware engineers and software engineers. Together, we feel that we can provide a valuable perspective to students who wish to join us this summer!


Herrick: At San Leandro High School, I took my first CS course in 2013. It was terrible! Instead of learning, my class played Tetris and card games. This created my initial negative impression of CS. However, my impression changed when I went to college. I found the subject to be exciting, practical for helping people, and useful for scaling ideas. By creating this course, I hope to provide a way to help San Leandro kids get an earlier start in tech. Currently, there are not many opportunities to pursue computer science in San Leandro as a secondary school student. So, our motivation is to provide a good opportunity for young students to learn CS from people who have experienced the field and are optimistic about the future of tech.


Lessons will be written up and posted online, so students have a reference on what was covered and others online can follow along.


Preferably, students will bring their own laptops, so that they can spend extra time outside of the weekly sessions to continue their learning. However, most students may not have access to laptops, so we will do our best to provide the necessary equipment each week.